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Via Damiano Chiesa, 52

20851 Lissone - Monza Brianza, Italy


Industry & Civil construction

Our formwork for culvert, pneumatic stopper for sewer, foldable tank and gas storage bag

Oil & Gas

Our pneumatic stopper and culvert ballons to plug pipe. Our tanks to storage liquids

Subsea & Naval

Manufacturing of lifting balloon,floating pillows, lifeboat balloon, parachute lifting bags

Engineering & Services

Foldable tanks, water bags and lifeboat balloons for load tests    

Environment & Agriculture

Foldable tanks of different shapes for liquids storage, gas storage bags and inflatable stoppers

Military & Humanitarian

Wide range of foldable tanks, with berm liner too. Pneumatic stoppers

SINCE 1956

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SOCAP srl was founded in 1956 with the aim of manufacturing PNEUMATIC STOPPERS, FLEXIBLE TANKS Pneumatic Tubular Forms, Gas Storage Bags
Thanks to their favourable price/quality ratio of our products, SOCAP entered national and overseas markets with constant increase in export volumes.
for temporary plugging of any kind of tubes or isolating parts of pipeline for maintenance/repair works on the pipeline, thanks to excellent seal
suited for holding liquids (water,hydrocarbons) have practical and economical use, easily placed, transported and stockable when empty.

We work closely with clients and we readily adapt production to meet different specifications for different applications

Latest News

Water storage bladder

Socap manufactures water storage tanks and flexible water tanks for storage potable water or not ...

Collapsible fuel bladder tanks manufacturer

Socap is made with polyesther fabric coated and both faces with plastomers. Socap bladder fuel tanks ...

Underwater air lift bags

Socap produces underwater air lift bags,  pillow lift bags, inflatable flotation bags, made in PVC. ...