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Via Damiano Chiesa, 52

20851 Lissone - Monza Brianza, Italy


inflatable air lifiting bags

Underwater air lift bags

Socap produces underwater air lift bags,  pillow lift bags, inflatable flotation bags, made in PVC. These products are required for marine (salvage bags, inflatable testing bags), for underwater works (underwater lift bags) and naval environment (inflatable boat lift bags)  All manufactured with Italian quality from over 60 years To more information visit following link http://www.socapsrl.com/various-products/    

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Pipeline cleaning pigs

Socap offers his professionalism distributing also pipeline pigging products as foam pig for cleaning , drying or scraping pipelines. These pigs are constructed of light, medium and heavy density foam. For more information visit www.socapsrl.com/pig-for-pipe

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