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SOCAP SRL from 1956

SO.CA.P. pneumatic tubular form supplier was founded in 1956 with the aim of manufacturing and selling Pneumatic Tubular Forms, Foldable and Collapsible Tanks, Pneumatic Pipe Stoppers, Gas Storage Bags and Foldable Tanks.

Our mission is that of meeting clients expectations and guarantee the reliability of our products.
Socap products are made only with materials supplied by qualified and certified producers.
Raw materials and components are sistematically tested to guarantee their constant characteristics.
Testing equipment is periodically verified to guarantee the reliability of the checks on the final product parameters.

We produce collapsible tanks, pneumatic pipe stoppers, gas bags, foldable tanks, pneumatic tubular forms, Balloons for cast in situ and for drainage works, Inflatable formwork and inflatable mandrel, balloons for culverts.

Thanks to the attractive price/quality ratio of our products, SO.CA.P entered the national and overseas markets with constant increase in sales volume , mainly in export markets.

The flexibility of the organization allows SO.CA.P to acquire and satisfy the orders very rapidly even for products which don’t feature in our standard range, while the professionalism of our motivated and qualified operators combined with cutting edge machinery and timely checks on the production process, allows the creation of quality manufacture to the agreed or implicit requisites

Pneumatic Tubular Forms, Balloons for cast in situ and for drainage works, Inflatable formwork and inflatable mandrel, Balloons for culverts
Inflatable with air serve primarily to carry out installations of drain conduits or gutters by casting concrete, when the use of traditional methods is not convenient;

Pneumatic pipe stoppers
For the temporary plugging of any kind of pipe, with the aim of temporarily isolating lengths of tubing in case of maintenance or repair works on the pipeline, thanks to excellent seal;

Foldable tanks
Suited for holding liquids (water, fuel, diesel). Their use is practical and economical: they are easily transported and stockable when empty thanks to their low weight and reduced sizes; they are made for the most varied and specific uses;

Gas Storage Bags
Designed for storing various types of low pressure gas (CO2, nitrogen,bio-gas) and generally any kinds of gas which result from industrial processes and which need temporary storage before their next use..