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Socap inflatable bag plugs and gas pipe plugs are suitable to plug temporarily pipes like oil and gas lines with low pressure G or G/L or high pressure (type H). Those inflatable pipe plugs can be inflated with air or nitrogen through a flexible hose with a valve or a safety or vent valve. Inflatable

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Socap pneumatic and inflatable formworks not stop to be manufactured and we go on strongly despite difficult situation. We keep the same prices guaranteeing the quality that distinguishes us. Contact us to receive all informations you need and our data sheet to find best size you need. For every kind of information , please write

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Official distributor for pneumatic stoppers in Chile

NICOLAIDES INDUSTRIAL S.A. –  SOCAP DISTRIBUTOR IN CHILE  We have pleasure to present our official distributor in Chile of pneumatic stoppers, pneumatic formworks and foldable tanks:  Nicolaides Industrial S.A Socap propose a wide selection of inflatable product: Pneumatic stoppers made of extra strong synthetic fabric coated with oil and gas resins. Stoppers are suitable to

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Socap Italy inflatable products for industry and oil and gas

In 1956 Socap mainly manufactured industrial products, starting from inflatable formworks to cast concrete, replacing steel one in industrial field.  Changing his assembling method from glue down to air hot welding obtaining a very good quality, Socap catch on world ide market. Thanks to continue researches we could satisfy customer request, not only with standard

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Socap gas storage bag for Helium for low pressure

Flexible single-chamber gas storage bag is a cylindrical envelope made of extra-strong polyester fabric coated with plastomers or elastomers. It is possible to produce gas storage bags with capacities and / or sizes different from the standard ones on specific customer request. It is designed for storage of the following low pressure gases with a

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Socap pneumatic formworks BASIC

After many research Socap started to produce a BASIC formworks with different costs material which permit to obtain a final cheaper price than historical CLASSIC model. This new product id made with fabric covered with Pvc (100%) with an high quality and good performances which permit to maintain usual Socap’s product reliability. Compared to CLASSIC

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Socap foldable tanks

Socap foldable tanks are a perfect solution to storage water, liquid or fuels. Available in different shapes: onion, pillow or square/rectangular with frame, are made with polyesther fabric coated on both faces with pastomers. They could contain liquids or fuel. Flexible tanks can be supplied according to needs of use with optional accessories if required.

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Pneumatic formwork to make culvert

Inflatable formwork manufacturer

Socap Italy produces pneumatic and inflatable formwork from over 60 years. We propose to our customer two type BASIC or CLASSIC for each type of needs. Click here to more information Socap inflatable formworks        

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Pipe plug stoppers

Socap manufacturer of inflatable pipe bladder, inflatable pipe plugs  for pipe repair and maintenance, petrochimical and pipeline, environmetal and engineering and services. Different type of pneumatic stoppers for each kind of application visit our link to more info   

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Serbatoi flessibili per stoccaggio liquidi

Water storage bladder

Socap manufactures water storage tanks and flexible water tanks for storage potable water or not Our collapsible water containers and flexible tanks are different type: self adjusting tank, framed tank or pillow tanks For any further information, please follow this link              

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