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Official distributor Chile pneumatic stoppers, formworks and foldable tanks

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Official distributor for pneumatic stoppers in Chile


 We have pleasure to present our official distributor in Chile of pneumatic stoppers, pneumatic formworks and foldable tanks:  Nicolaides Industrial S.A

Socap propose a wide selection of inflatable product:

Pneumatic stoppers made of extra strong synthetic fabric coated with oil and gas resins. Stoppers are suitable to plug temporarily pipes like oil&gas line with low (type F, G and G/L) or high pressure (type H).

Those inflatable pipe plugs can be inflated with air or nitrogen through a flexible hose with a valve or a safety vent valve.

Size available from 3” to 70”

Socap manufacturer inflatable stoppers to plug pipes of sewer lines. They are suitable to plug temporarily circular section pipes in order to separate totally the section of the pipe containing liquid from the section where it is necessary to make a repair or maintenance work. Liquid inside cannot flow over operation area. These stoppers are made with synthetic fabric coated on both faces with plastomers resistant to water based liquids but not corrosive. Available as egg-shape.

Sizes from 100 mm to 1.700 mm

Pneumatic stopper is suitable to plug temporarily circular section pneumatic stopper type FOG NO

Socap range includes pneumatic tubular forms/pneumatic formworks that is framework around which the concrete is cast. This system find application for construction of void  cavities directly into the excavation or for casting of prefabricated structures. After concrete is dry the pneumatic tubular form can be deflated and removed thus making. You can choose type CLASSIC for several uses and type BASIC essential use.

New formwork basic Socap pneumatic formwork is the framework around which the concrete is cast Pneumatic and inflatable formwork classic system is used for construction of void cavities directly

Socap foldable tanks are a perfect solution to storage water, liquid or fuels. Available in different shapes are made with polyester  fabric coated on both faces with plastomers.

They could contain liquids or fuel and according to needs can be supplied with optional accessories.

For any further information to all our range of products , please visit and Ask all information you need to our distributor for Chile:

Cesar Ojeda – Gerente de Desarrollo
Nicolaides Industrial 

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