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Mini Moulds

Mini moulds application single or multiple lightening holes

Max Lenght: 40 meters
Inflating diam: from 30 to 150 mm

The pneumatic mini moulds have been designed to create single or multiple lightening holes in precast structures. They can be recovered from the cast and reused for many other times. The body of the mould is made with suitably dimensioned hoses made directly on mandrel special textile and rubber inserts of particular composition resistant to concrete and generally to the extreme conditions of work in building sites. Reserves the right of making changes to the products and their technical characteristics without notice. The use is very simple being sufficient to fix the mould in the required position and inflate it. The pneumatic mini moulds are suitable for casting of:

– lightening holes in bridges, flyovers and precast beams

  • – dam drainages
  • – stiffening of metal sleeves
  • – cable ducts