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    Socap srl – Italy manufacture inflatable products from over 60 years. SOCAP INFLATABLE BAGS, FLEXIBLE WATER AND OIL TANK, GAS STORAGE BAG We guarantee Italian quality at flexible prices. Viisit us www.socapsrl.com Pneumatic and pipe stoppers   Flexible and foldable water or oil tank Gas storage tanks   Lifting balloons   

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    Socap inflatable bag plugs and gas pipe plugs are suitable to plug temporarily pipes like oil and gas lines with low pressure (type F or G) or high pressure (type H). Those inflatable pipe plugs can be inflated with air or nitrogen through a flexible hose with a valve or a safety or vent valve.

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    Water bags to test boats

    Water bag is used to carry out load tests on lifeboats, boats in general, platforms and all cases where an uniformly distribution of load is required. During test run, the gradual application of the load allows to identify many problems before reaching the maximum load, avoiding damage or anomalous stress to tested equipment. Water bag

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    inflatable air lifiting bags

    Socap underwater lift balloons and air lift bags

    Socap underwater lift balloons and air lift bags are inflated products used for raising sunken object, underwater equipment transport, vessel salvage and pipeline dragging. Parachute lift bags  tear drop shaped used for lifting under water loads on the surface or for carrying out submarine works     under water lift balloons Totally enclosed air lift

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    Pneumatic formwork to make culvert

    Inflatable formwork manufacturer

    Socap Italy produces pneumatic and inflatable formwork from over 60 years. We propose to our customer two type BASIC or CLASSIC for each type of needs. Click here to more information Socap inflatable formworks        

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    Pipe plug stoppers

    Socap manufacturer of inflatable pipe bladder, inflatable pipe plugs  for pipe repair and maintenance, petrochimical and pipeline, environmetal and engineering and services. Different type of pneumatic stoppers for each kind of application visit our link to more info https://www.socapsrl.com/pneumatic-stoppers/   

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    Serbatoi flessibili per stoccaggio liquidi

    Water storage bladder

    Socap manufactures water storage tanks and flexible water tanks for storage potable water or not Our collapsible water containers and flexible tanks are different type: self adjusting tank, framed tank or pillow tanks For any further information, please follow this link https://www.socapsrl.com/foldable-tanks/              

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    Collapsible fuel bladder tanks manufacturer

    Socap is made with polyesther fabric coated and both faces with plastomers. Socap bladder fuel tanks satisfy international military standards and petroleum companies requirement. Collapsible gas tanks are fitted with filling/emptying valve and air vent valve. To more information, please follow this link https://www.socapsrl.com/type-r2/       

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    inflatable air lifiting bags

    Underwater air lift bags

    Socap produces underwater air lift bags,  pillow lift bags, inflatable flotation bags, made in PVC. These products are required for marine (salvage bags, inflatable testing bags), for underwater works (underwater lift bags) and naval environment (inflatable boat lift bags)  All manufactured with Italian quality from over 60 years To more information visit following link https://www.socapsrl.com/various-products/    

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    Inflatable stopper air bags

    Inflatable stopper air bags  SOCAP used for temporarily plugging metel pipes the presence of flammable gas and liquids at medium pressure Manufactured with extra strong material with or without metal part to be abandoned into pipeline 

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