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    foldable tanks water gas

    Foldable tanks for any applications

    Foldable and flexible tanks for all uses you need. Contact us for any information    

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    Gas storage balloons for Biogas, Co2 and others

    Socap flexible gas storage bags have a cylindrical shape and are made of strong polyester fabric coated on both faces with plastomers suitable to the gas storage pressure. The use of this product is particularly recommendable for low pressure storage of various types of gas like CO2, nitrogen, biogas etc. and in general all those gases

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    inflatable air lifiting bags

    Lift bags underwater and marine

    Socap lift bags for different uses in marine and naval environment. We produce flotation pillows and balloons, lifeboat test bags and other lifting product. All manufactured with Italian quality from over 60 years

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    Inflatable pipe plug

    Inflatable pipe plug

    Socap Inflatable pipe plug  or pneumatic stoppers to temporarily plug sewer, gasducts and pipelines Manufactured with extra strong material with or without metal part to be abandoned into pipeline

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    Bladder tank Foldable Tanks for fuel storage and water

    Collapsible Water Tanks

    Socap Collapsible Water Tanks, for industrial and civil uses Direcly from producer to consumer – all made in Italy

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    basic formwork applied used for construction of void cavities directly into the excavation or for casting of prefabricated structures

    Pneumatic formwork BASIC

    Last formwork 2016 – QUALITY & CONVENIENCE

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    Socap srl Pneumatic Stoppers Tappi pneumatici

    OMC 2017 – RAVENNA STAND 3 L16


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