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from 500 kg to 10.000 kg 

The use of air-supported parachute bags for underwater loads lifting proved to be the most practical and simple way of carrying out submarine works. manufactures and sells parachute bags ranging from a lifting capacity of 500 kgs. Up to 10.000 kgs. The use of this type of lifting bags provides many advantages among which are: – Easy transportability to the underwater job site and hooking to the load to be lifted. – Rapid inflating and deflating procedure. – Absence of any complicated internal pressure relief system operating during underwater climbing. – Possibility of multiple parachute usage to obtain a lifting capacity exceeding that of a single unit. They are made of a flexible envelope of hightenacity synthetic fabric coated with high resistance plastomers. This envelope is embraced by a purposely designed harness linked to a metal shackle with suitably sized belts.

Parachute inflation is made by scuba divers who simply introduce an air supply hose into the parachute lower opening and regulate the quantity of air blown into the bag to obtain the required lift force. The maximum depth at which the parachute is usable depends on the possibility of having an air supply whose pressure is proportional to the depth of the load to be lifted. All the materials used to manufacture SOCAP parachute bags are very resistant to underwater stresses and are designed to work with high safety factors. SOCAP parachute bags are easily repairable in case of holes of tearings by means of a repair kit supplied with each unit.