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Type H bypass Hose

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Diameter: from 4 to 70 inches
Inflating pressure : from 2.0 to 0,50 bar

The pneumatic stopper type H By-Pass – HOSE can be inflated with air or
nitrogen and is made of synthetic fabric coated on both faces with oil resistant
plastomers; its diameter elasticity enables its perfect sealing in the pipeline.
This pneumatic stopper is fitted with handles for its correct positioning inside
the pipe and for inflating it is fitted with a flexible hose with a valve and a
safety vent valve.
The pneumatic stopper type H By-Pass – HOSE is suitable to plug temporarily
circular section lines like oil lines, gas lines at relatively high pressure. It is
suggested when the increasing of back pressure during working maintenances
on pipeline achieve the same level of inflating pressure of the stoppers up to
a maximum of increasing of about 1.5 time the inflating pressure value.
To improve its resistance against residual pressure present in the pipeline the stopper is fitted with standard accessories and:
– 4 sealing rings along cylindrical body
– 1 inner by-pass hose (size 1”; 1 ½” ; 2” and 3” section) fitted at its outer-end with free open coupler-head and with a
suitable end to connect “storz” coupling
It is possible evacuate the excess fumes from working area by a flexible hose (purchasing as optional) having mounted a “storz”
coupling on one end part