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Socap Italy inflatable products for industry and oil and gas

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Socap Italy inflatable products for industry and oil and gas

In 1956 Socap mainly manufactured industrial products, starting from inflatable formworks to cast concrete, replacing steel one in industrial field.  Changing his assembling method from glue down to air hot welding obtaining a very good quality, Socap catch on world ide market. Thanks to continue researches we could satisfy customer request, not only with standard inflatable products but with specific products on demand, according to customer needs.

Very important is oil and gas environment where our inflatable balloons find application to temporarily plug pipe for works of maintenance. During our over 60 years of activity, we develop different type of pipe plug for oil & gas and for sewerage. Competitors world is very hard, but quality of our products combined with right price and professionalism assure us a good position in a worldwide market scale.

Socap inflatable products are compliant to UNI standards that establish welding methods and safety coefficients. We are certified ISO 9001 from 20 years.

Another important products is our foldable tanks to storage water or oil: we manufacture different shape to meet all request of our customer and we use different raw materials according to final use of our tanks.

in the last years we saw an increase of request of gas storage bag for atmospheric gases like Nitrogen, Oxigen, Carbon Dioxide, Helium..etc…

Over our standard size, we could realize gas storage tanks according to customer request and his drawing.

For future we would like to increase presence in marine sector with floating pillow to sustain underwater cable, lifting balloons to lift ship while leaving dry dock, underwater parachute to carry out submarine works.

For a dedicated offer, price or technical schedule, please contact us or email

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