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Socap pneumatic formworks BASIC

Socap pneumatic formworks BASIC

After many research Socap started to produce a BASIC formworks with different costs material which permit to obtain a final cheaper price than historical CLASSIC model.

This new product id made with fabric covered with Pvc (100%) with an high quality and good performances which permit to maintain usual Socap’s product reliability.

Compared to CLASSIC type, pneumatic formwork BASIC has different couplings included and it is not provided of inflating hose and pressure valve.

Also ,for BASIC type, automatic valve for regulating pressure is not available (it is an optional only for CLASSIC one).

nuova cassaforma basic sono utilizzabili per la costruzione di condotte direttamente nello scav basic formwork applied used for construction of void cavities directly into the excavation or for casting of prefabricated structures

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