Via Damiano Chiesa, 52

20851 Lissone - Monza Brianza, Italy


Inflating pressure 
from 0.5 to 1.9 bar

Standard diameters
from 100 to 1700 mm

The pneumatic stopper type FOG/NC is suitable to plug temporarily circular section pipes like sewer lines; drainages etc. in order to separate totally the section of the pipe containing the liquid from the section where it is necessary to make a repair or maintenance work. This pneumatic stopper (together with the type FOG/SC ) can be used to carry out pressure tests on pipes where the test fluid cannot be placed into the pipe through some opening (manhole).

Accessories included : flexible hose 6 m. long for inflating and metal rings (≥ DN 300)
This stopper (only for large diameters) is fitted also with handles for its positioning into the pipeline. The pneumatic stopper type FOG/NC can be inflated with air or nitrogen through a flexible hose fitted with a valve and a safety vent valve. This stopper is made with synthetic fabric coated on both faces with plastomers resistant to water based and non corrosive liquids.