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20851 Lissone - Monza Brianza, Italy

Type H

Inflating pressure
from 0.5 to 2.0 bar

Standard diameters
from 100 to 1800 mm

The pneumatic stopper type H is suitable to plug temporarily circular section pipes like oil and gas lines at relatively high pressures. This pneumatic stopper is made with synthetic fabric coated on both faces with oil resistant plastomers and is fitted with 4 sealing rings to enhance its resistance to the residual pressure present in the pipe. It can be inflated with air or nitrogen through a flexible hose with a valve and a vent safety valve. The elasticity of its diameter is such to allow a perfect sealing in the pipe. This stopper is fitted with handles for its correct positioning into the pipe.

1. Pipeline to be repaired

2. The pipe after having been cut, with the broken section already removed

3. Placing and inflating the pneumatic stoppers

4. Welding of a new pipe section

5. After welding, the stoppers will be pushed along the pipeline by the flow until the point of retrieval

This pneumatic stopper, having no metal parts, can be abandoned into the pipeline where friction against pipe walls breaks it. Its residual parts will be recovered at filters or pigtraps.